Jasper Main Street

Jasper Main Street plans to meet their objectives by implementation of the National Main Street Center's program strategy called the Four-Point Approach. The Four Point Approach is comprehensive and tailored to meet local needs and opportunities. It encompasses work in four distinct areas: Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Vitality. These areas combined set out to address all of the commercial district's needs. the philosophy behind this approach makes it an effective tool for community-based, grassroots revitalization efforts. This approach is incremental and not designed to produce immediate change, but to create long-term growth and a sustainable economic impact through foundational development. The Main Street Approach has been successful in communities of all sizes, both rural and urban.

We Are Downtown Jasper. Flourish With Us!

$2,263,484 Total Building Rehab and New Construction

23 Total New Businesses, Expansions, and Relocations

$5,147,500 Total Real Estate Sales

108 Jobs Created

$226,478 Total Grants

1* Total Upper Living

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