Slide Taste on Main - A Jasper Main Street Event We are Downtown Jasper,
Flourish with us!

Jasper Main Street plans to meet their objectives by implementation of the National Main Street Center's program strategy called the Four-Point Approach. The Four Point Approach is comprehensive and tailored to meet local needs and opportunities. It encompasses work in four distinct areas: Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Vitality. These areas combined set out to address all of the commercial district's needs. the philosophy behind this approach makes it an effective tool for community-based, grassroots revitalization efforts. This approach is incremental and not designed to produce immediate change, but to create long-term growth and a sustainable economic impact through foundational development. The Main Street Approach has been successful in communities of all sizes, both rural and urban.

We Are Downtown Jasper. Flourish With Us!

$7.6 Million Total Building Rehab and New Construction

46 Total New Businesses, Expansions, and Relocations

$6.17 Million Total Real Estate Sales

183 Jobs Created

$632,051 Total Grants

$1.95 Million in Public Improvements

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