Purchase or Renew a Banner

New Banners are $300 Renewal Banners are $200

Banners are guaranteed for 3 years of showing. If banner rips, breaks, or tears, Jasper Main Street will replace it at our expense.

1.    Complete the Veteran Banner Program Form

a.    Download the form using the link below.

b.    Complete the fillable form online or print and complete by hand.

c.     Mail or scan & email the form to Jasper Main Street along with a photo of your veteran (see photo requirements).

d.    If a form is not complete, the banner cannot be produced.

 2.    Photo Requirements: High resolution (1500 x 2100 pixels or 9MB or a 5”x7” size) military photograph. For a banner renewal, no new photo is required.

 3.    Payment Options

a.    Pay through our secure PayPal – link below

b.    Make checks payable to Jasper Main Street.

c.     Mailing Address: P.O. Box 122, Jasper, AL 35502.

For PayPal: Enter the amount you are paying for the banner ($300 for a new banner or $200 for a banner renewal) and add a note that you are sending the money for the veteran banner program including the veteran’s name.

You may scan this form and send it to mike@jaspermainstreet.com or renae@jaspermainstreet.com, AND you may also scan the photograph and send to the above email or hand deliver the photograph to our office. We do not suggest mailing the photograph.

 You may print and deliver the form and photo to the Jasper Main Street offices are located on the ground floor at Synovus Bank in Downtown Jasper, 200 West 18th Street, Jasper, AL 35501.

 For more information, contact Mike Putman at 205-275-7789 or mike@jaspermainstreet.com OR Renae Wilson at 205-489-6023 or renae@jaspermainstreet.com

Link to Pay vis PayPal or by Credit Card

Link to Download Veteran Banner Form