Murals & Mules in Downtown Jasper

Downtown Mules - a community art project sponsored by Walker County Arts Alliance

Approximately 70 Mules are located throughout Walker County. CLICK HERE to link to a complete map of all Mules.

Mules located in the Downtown Jasper area:

“Sleepy”Memorial Park Elementary School, 800 10th Ave. - Sponsor: Rest of Your Life Sleep Center - Artist: Justin Lyle

“Willie” - Bankhead House & Heritage Center, 800 7th St. - Sponsor: Walker Area Community Foundation - Artist: Shawn Wallace, Artist

“Energy”Walker Area Community Foundation, 611 8th Ave. - Sponsor: Reed Energy - Artist: Melanie Poole

“Buddy” - 1404 10th Ave. W - Sponsor: Jasper Industrial Maintenance Supply - Artist: Billie Jo Phillips

“Daisy”1100 14th Street W - Sponsor: Delta Transfer Lines & Girl Scouts of N. Central AL - Artist: Girls Scouts of Whispering Pines Unit & Kate Murphy

“Brownie”640 19th Street W, - Sponsor: The Brown Company - Artist: Deborah Hill

“Ed Mule Cation”201 Panther Trail - Sponsor: Honda of Jasper - Artist: Justin Lyle

“Ronnie”10 Wright St., - Sponsor: Blackston & Associates - Artist: Shawn Wallace, Artist

“Liz”401 19th Street E, - Sponsor: Nick Sanders Jewelers - Artist: Melanie Poole

“Tallulah”Bevill State Community College, 805 14th St. E - Sponsor: Kiwanis Club of Jasper - Artist: Lisa Welch

“Trusty”1700 4th Ave. S - Sponsor: Byars|Wright, Inc. - Artist: Maurice Cook

“Jasper”400 19th St. W, - Sponsor: City of Jasper - Artist: Eddie Brown

“Gem”401 19th St. W - Sponsor: Main Street Jasper - Artist: Missy Miles, Artist

“Parker”1800 block of 3rd Ave. S - Sponsor: John Oliver and Eddie Jackson - Artist: Justin Lyle

“Justice”1824 3rd Ave. S. - Sponsor: King, Wiley & Williams - Artist: Bill Young, III

“Cicely”319 19th St. W - Sponsor: Comfort Care Hospice - Artist: Lynn Whittington

“Josephine”200 18th St. W, 1st Floor - Sponsor: Walker County Arts Alliance - Artist: Maurice Cook

“Penny”200 18th St. W - Sponsor: Synovus - Artist: Sandra Lawrence

“Promise”1811 2nd Ave. - Sponsor: Pinnacle Bank - Artist: Kate Gurganus

“Hope - Breast Cancer Mule”Courthouse Square, 1803 3rd Ave. - Sponsor: Scott Crump Toyota - Artist: Kathy Stough

“Dottie Mae” - Courthouse Square, 1803 3rd Ave. - Sponsor: Honda of Jasper - Artists: Deb Warnat and Rotary Club of Jasper members

“Maggie”215 19th Street West - Sponsors: Larry & Margaret Lee - Artist: Deb Warnat

“Sappy”1923 3rd Ave. - Sponsor: The Sapp Law Firm - Artist: Laura Walker

“Hattie”1800 Birmingham Ave. - Sponsor: Jasper After Hours Clinic - Artist: Tracy Waid