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Download PDF: Doing Business in Downtown Jasper


Starting a new business in the City of Jasper requires a business license. The license fee varies based on the type of business and gross sales. Contact Jasper City Revenues Office for assistance in determining your business license classification before applying for a business license. In addition to a city business license, a combined state/county business license can be purchased at the Walker County Probate Office. The Business License Application can be obtained online at Licenses for the City of Jasper must be renewed every January. Business License - Judy Whisenhunt - 205-221-8533 |


When starting a new business, it is important to verify if an area is zoned for the type of business that you would like to start. The city planner is involved in all zoning matters. Email to request a zoning verification letter. Be sure to include: your property address, property owner, business name (if applicable), your name, your address, and your phone number. Once zoning is verified, you will receive an email with your verification letter. City Planner - Brent McCarver - 205-221-8529 |


Construction in the City of Jasper requires a building permit. The Building Inspections office covers all aspects of the building process, whether it’s a new construction or renovations. Building Inspections also assist property owners with obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, and inspections. Permits can be issued in as little as 48 hours for most projects. City Inspector - Billy Swann - 205-221-8529 |

For access to all City of Jasper forms including the business license application go to

See the municipal code for schedule numbers, license fees, penalties, interest, and computations. under the Online Services Tab.

What are the steps in getting a business license?
We welcome you to visit us at City Hall to purchase the license from our license department located on the first floor or call the license department at 205-221-8533 to request an application in the mail. You may also fill out a business application or renewal application online or download the business license and renewal applications by visiting the Forms section of this website. The business license clerk will contact you if necessary.

When is a City of Jasper business license required?
Any time any commercial or industrial activity or any enterprise, trade, profession, occupation, or livelihood, including the lease of residential or nonresidential real estate, whether carried on for gain or profit, and whether engaged as a principal or independent contractor, which is engaged in, or caused to be engaged in, within the City limits of Jasper.

Who do I ask about permits or inspections such as building or electrical?
Contact: City of Jasper Annex
Phone: 205-221-8529

What is Jasper’s sales tax rate?
Jasper sales and use tax is 3.5% (0.35) of retail gross sales.
Effective February 1, 2022, general sales and use tax rates inside the city limits of Jasper increased by one-half percent to 3.5% (0.35) of retail gross sales. Automotive sales tax rates increased to seven-eighths of one percent (.875) of gross sales. For a complete listing of rates changes, please visit or call Jasper City Hall at 205-221-2100.

How do I pay my sales tax?
Sales, use, lodging, and rental tax are paid directly to the State of Alabama. The city has partnered with the Alabama Department of Revenue in obtaining the department’s E-Filing Services for their taxpayers. You can file your return at The City of Jasper’s jurisdiction number is 9680. The jurisdiction account number will be the same as your State of Alabama account number.